Service Providers

Why partner with us?

The Kaiwoo marketplace can greatly benefit your business. Users of this platform will be able to quickly and easily find your offering and subscribe to your service. The main advantage is an expansion of your customer reach while our own customers get more choice and the ease of installation.

Who can join?

Diversity is a key concept in our marketplace. This platform has been designed to support many different services categories, including but not limited to:

  • Captive portal and remote splash pages;
  • Presence analytics;
  • Vouchers;
  • Social login;
  • DNS filtering;
  • VPN / proxy;
  • Network troubleshooting;
  • WiFi ads;
  • Security & access control;
  • Asset management;
  • Operations software;
  • and many more.

How to join the marketplace?

Get in touch with us to let us know your intention of joining the marketplace. Please provide these details regarding your product offering: product description, pricing, plans, logos, etc. After submitting this data, the Kaiwoo team will create a profile for you and confirm all provided information has been entered correctly.

The next step is a one-time integration of your service with our platform. It consists of two parts:

  1. The Provisioning API links together your and Kaiwoo’s back-end in an automated fashion. This allows you to be informed whenever updates related to your hosted subscriptions occur, such as new users purchasing your plans or existing users making changes to their accounts. You will then be able to automatically respond with dynamic device configurations depending on the purchased plan, location, etc. To learn more, please read this article.
  2. The device to service cloud communication configuration allows devices to connect to your service to provide all the required data. Learn more here.

Once the integration process is complete, you will be able to offer your service on all hardware compatible with our API. There will be no further need to update your back-end whenever new hardware models are added, or firmware versions change. It will simply work with all the supported devices. Enjoy the hassle-free, reliable and easy-to-use system Kaiwoo has built for you.

Feel free to contact us with any question you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!