Wi-Fi monetization made easy and affordable

Holistic network management in the cloud

Kaiwoo lets you manage your devices from anywhere. Every aspect of Kaiwoo’s offering is accessible and configurable from anywhere at any time. Kaiwoo’s cloud scales on demand and does not require any upfront invest, simply sign in and start using it.

Extend with services

Do you want to monetize your Wi-Fi? Or do you want to integrate retail analytics into you sales funnel? No matter which service you need, enjoy the freedom to get the service you want, when you wanted for how long you want it.

Only pay for what you use

Kaiwoo will change the way you pay for Wi-Fi networks and cloud services: No more big hardware investment, no more excruciating license fees and transparent prices for the services you really want.

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What Kaiwoo can do …


For System Integrators

For Hardware Manufacturers

For Service Providers

Solution overview

Best in-class cloud

Kawioo’s technology team has built the fastest and most scalable SOHO router cloud management system. Kaiwoo’s experts have put in their combined experience to develop a truly unique product that will impress you in many ways.

White-label dashboard

The Kaiwoo dashboard is the reference web interface. It is designed to be highly customizable, both for branding and adaptation purposes as well as for the end-user.


The marketplace is the heart of Kaiwoo’s offering. A pool of great services from specialized companies all around the globe. Find the right offering for your business at the right price.


We manage all billing related matters centrally. No more mixed-up invoices, no complicated account, everything handled in a single place, giving security to both ends.

Open APIs

Kaiwoo is built as an open system. Every aspect of the dashboard as well as the store can be customized, changed or even completely replaced.


Every aspect of the dashboard and it’s output is ready to be translated and delivered according to the Wi-Fi client’s needs.

What out partners say

“Working with Kaiwoo is a new experience. Their focus on enabling cloud services such as ours on as many devices as possible really opens up the market for us.”

A service partner

“Kaiwoo’s product is truly revolutionary. It enables us to collect post-sales revenue at a large scale without the need for a huge upfront investment and risky license agreements”

A hardware partner

Kaiwoo is the result of experts from different areas of the industry coming together to solve some of the most fundamental issues keeping Wi-Fi routers and networking equipment from joining the IoT era.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts …

Take a closer look at what makes Kaiwoo ...