Kaiwoo for Networking Hardware Vendors

Are you a networking hardware vendor looking into expanding your product portfolio with a cloud managed option? Cloudifying your hardware looks like an impossible task? It does not need to be. You can now easily modernize your hardware and offer your customers a full cloud solution. How? Thanks to Kaiwoo’s outsourced cloud management service, of course.

Kaiwoo offers a rather unique proposition to hardware vendors – outsource your cloud management. You will then be able to:

  • Save time by leveraging Kaiwoo’s cloud infrastructure and jump ahead of your competition;
  • Save money by relying on Kaiwoo’s years long experience in operating a cost effective cloud; and
  • Focus on your core business instead of learning how to build and maintain a complex cloud system on your own.

Combine your hardware with the Kaiwoo cloud and turn it into a custom tailored solution meeting your business requirements. Promote your solution under your brand – Kaiwoo will remain in the background and never stand between you and your customers.

Whether it is your first step into the cloud business or you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to your existing solution, read on to discover what Kaiwoo can do for you.

Why cloud-managed networking?

Cloud-managed networking refers to the ability to manage and monitor your network infrastructure remotely through a user interface. By eliminating the need to purchase, configure and maintain on-premise controllers and appliances, your customers can save money and time which allows them to focus on their core business instead. Explore below why cloud-managed networking is critical for your customers’ success, and how Kaiwoo can help you reach your goals.

Flexibility at its best

Cloud-based networking is ideal for growing businesses, as it enables customers to easily scale up their network within minutes and manage everything under a single pane of glass. Software updates are conveniently installed “over-the-air” allowing new features and bug fixes to be deployed automatically across all customers networks. By doing this, the hardware vendor can easily take care of the general maintenance of the hardware, future-proofing customers’ investment and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business – a recipe for success.

Ease of setup and management

Cloud-managed networking equipment is designed to be a “plug & play” solution. Networking equipment can now be deployed without the need to manually adjust any parameter beforehand. Anyone can then easily manage, monitor and troubleshoot through a simple user interface.

Outsourcing cloud management at a glance

Once your devices are cloud managed thanks to Kaiwoo, a wide range of powerful APIs will be readily available to manage and monitor them.

Service APIs

Kaiwoo offers three types of APIs:

  1. Network Management API: a RESTful API that handles cloud settings (i.e., network, device, SSID and splash page settings, etc.);
  2. Streaming API: a websocket PUSH protocol API that handles notifications and instant data streaming; and
  3. Authentication API: an OAuth-based protocol API that handles account management, permission management and resource sharing, as well as provides operations to authenticate users, perform multifactor authentication, recover forgotten passwords and unlock accounts.

Steps towards your full cloud solution

Below are the steps towards your own full cloud solution. Kaiwoo takes care of providing you all the steps highlighted in red in the graphic.

Interested? Would like to learn more? Your business next success is just an email away – contact us now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.