Kaiwoo for System Integrators

The system integrator's reality: Every customer is different with their own requirements and unique work flow, but at the same time expect the SI's tools to be a perfect fit from day one.

Kaiwoo's processes and technology were designed to enable just that.

Every customer sees differently

Kaiwoo's systems can customize their output for each customer, a department or even for a single user. This does not only cover branding and language but extends all the way to the structure of the dashboard, the contents on each page and even the position of individual widgets. This allows for the creation of a marketing view on a network and a trouble-shooting / customer care view all from the same data in the same dashboard. Even the creation of customized widgets is an easy and straight forward process. 

Customer training and long support documents are a thing of the past. Give your customers the dashboard they need to perform at their best.

A unique set of services

At Kaiwoo we understand that today Wi-Fi and network management is far more than a means to access the internet. Wi-Fi access points are part of the sales funnel as much as they are the first line of defense against hackers and data theft. Therefore we have made it core to our offering to partner with 3rd parties that use the data available from access points to offer more and better services than a single company ever could on its own. Combined with Kaiwoo's permission system a system integrator can now add a unique bundle of services to their customers' networks, giving them access to features unlike ever before.


Kaiwoo's technology does not only work well for an SI's customers. It also forms an integral part of an SI's support infrastructure. Every SI retains full access and control of their customer's networks (given the right permissions granted by the customer). Applying the same customization features available to the SI's customers, Kaiwoo's dashboard can display widgets and data across all customer accounts and alert your support staff to respond to an incident, even before your customer has to make a call. This will turn your support team from a reactive unit and a cost factor to a pro-active part of your retention strategy. 

Full control

You want to integrate Kaiwoo into your existing tools and workflows, rather than using our dashboard? No problem at all, we have a fully specified and open API available. Using our standardized authentication mechanism, any data that we use in our tools is available to yours as well. And we will gladly work with you to improve our APIs and data depths if you find anything missing.