Kaiwoo for Service Providers

In recent years the app and service revolution has come to many different device factors such as mobile phones, TVs and set-top-boxes. It is time that Wi-Fi access-points and other networking equipment. The industry needs and true eco-system and an open marketplace.

Kaiwoo is building exactly that.

Outsource device embedding and rely on a central, stable API

Interfacing and integrating with a wide range of different hardware manufacturers can be a complicated and daunting task. What's more, it takes focus away from what matters: your product. Kaiwoo's device agent extracts most of the data available on today's devices and makes all settings and configurations available via our consolidated API. No need to customize your code per manufacturer and no support effort when the device receive a software update. We manage all that for you.

Market your service directly to customers

Kaiwoo enables you to market your service directly to your customers. We give you the tools need to present your product in the best way possible. You can manage your store presence, your pricing and your promotions. Given Kaiwoo's cross manufacturer reach you can recommend the best suitable hardware for your customers rather than having to rely on the pricey portfolio of one or two juggernauts.

Let us be your admin

While you are busy working with your customers and improving your product, Kaiwoo will do its share for our common success. We will increase your market reach, manage integrations and handle billing across the continents. We can even integrate you into our professional 24/7 support center.

In short