KAIWOO FOR Hardware Manufacturers

An access-point manufacturer lives between two challenges: customizing the firmware and integrating services based on a customer's request or deciding which features to integrate and highlight for a branded product. Imaging there was a tool that makes both a matter of configuration instead of engineering.

Kaiwoo is exactly that.

Remove web interface customization from your device projects

Today, UI development is a task performed by the hardware manufacturer and is requires the most time in any device project. With Kaiwoo's tools, this task will be performed by the customer themselves. They can design, implement and integrate their very own UI without any impact on the hardware schedule. Everything happens based through Kaiwoo's web APIs and is completely cloud-based, with the option to have a local fallback UI. Even changing an active UI is no longer part of a manufacturer's support tasks and can be marketed as an additional service. 

Third party embedding made easy

At Kaiwoo we know how difficult embedding unknown services can be especially if the solution is still changing during integration. That is why we have developed a generic client that enables services to be integrated on the cloud rather than on the device itself. As a manufacturer you only need to integrate a single embedded client and enable a vast array of services. This will enable you to offer a whole catalogue of service integrations to any ODM customer and also allow you to extend the reach of branded devices beyond a single target audience.

Limit your risk, while enabling post-sales revenue

Cloud technologies are everywhere and customers are demanding complex and expensive infrastructure without guaranteed return on investment. Kaiwoo can mitigate that risk. We are ready to jump in and enable your hardware to meet your deadlines. All of our technologies are turn-key solutions ready to be customized to fit your brand and offering. Contact us today to see how we can work together.