About us

Kaiwoo is the result of experts from different areas of the industry coming together to solve some of the most fundamental issues keeping Wi-Fi routers and networking equipment from joining the IoT era.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts …

On the technology side, Kaiwoo's team members have been liberating routers for over a decade. Starting from new Wi-Fi protocols and kernel optimization over firmware development all the way up to building the de facto standard SOHO Wi-Fi AP turn-key solution at Openmesh. Despite its performance and quality the cloud platform could not deliver the revolution it was conceived for: it was limited to a single manufacturer. No more, Kaiwoo's systems are designed to work with any hardware and any service at any time.

Over the same period, our product team started the post-sales service revolution at the broadband team at Vodafone's HQ. Too long have Wi-Fi routers, both residential and business, be regarded as items in the "acquisition and retention" budget. It is time to turn those devices into revenue generating units. The path is clear: create a vendor-agnostic service enablement agent that can be easily embedded on any type of hardware and expose web-bound APIs to enable the services and post-sales revenues of the future.